Need new motivation and inspiration to improve your financial future? But want easy, baby steps that could make big changes? Then jump on The $1,000 Project with me!
You can use this strategy yourself as you watch me focus on saving, creating, working for parcels of $1,000 at a time and as soon as I have $1,000 saved up, I buy some shares. The shares that I pick are carefully researched, with the goal of building a healthy diversified passive income. So far the portfolio has an estimated $1,750 p.a. passive income (via the dividends paid on the stocks) and by October 2017, I want The SugarMamma investment portfolio making $4,000 p.a. in dividend income (passive income).

You too can focus on parcels of $1,000 at a time (or whatever amount resonates with you) and use this project to pay down debt, build some savings, save for something special, invest for an early retirement or even to build your own investment portfolio and passive income sources.

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